Are the banks ready for demonetization and cashless economy?

Universal Banking means easy access to Banks, Preferably in ones own locality or village. Success of India moves against the cash economy depends of a strong Banking network and accessible Banking. In the absence of a good Bank network after a few months of austerity the nation will revert back to cash economy. Do we have the infrastructure to go cashless? What does RBI Say? If RBI knows cashless economy is not possible why is Modi giving this Jumla?

2015 BBMP election, a vote for change or another round of musical chairs?

The 2015 BBMP election saw a change in the municipal council. Was it really a change? or was it just another round of musical chairs? The state government was planning to go for breaking up Bangalore in 5 new municipal corporation, what would have been the election result if this move was made?

Will demonetisation succeed? at what cost? what do the numbers say?

While the PM's decision on demonetisation is a very bold one, one also needs to question whether it is a wise decision. Since the decision was taken to curb black money, we would have expected some estimate of the amount of black money that will be caught by this move. Since there is not official estimate available, we take a look at the various public datasets and estimate the amount of black money that can be caught using this method.

Understanding Bangalore via its voter registration details.

Bangalore, A city of 10 million and hardly any information on them... Lets explore the voter list to understand who are the bangaloreans, where do the young one's stay which part once upon a time was known as a penshioners paradise.

Can Demographic data influence policy?

To take any policy decision one needs to know where the target demographic is. You would not build a sports facility in a place which is looking for geriatric care and vice versa, Can the voters list help us in understanding the demographic and taking the right decision? Lets take a look...

BBMP: Poor, Lazy or just plain Corrupt?

Lack of funds is the common excuse for BBMP's poor infrastructure. Who is responsible? Center, State or BBMP itself? Public Data analysis of one source of revenue exposes that the revenue collection by BBMP is 1/10th of the potential. Extrapolating, BBMP has the potential to collect Rs. 20,000 Crores across all revenue sources but barely manages to collect 2,000 crores. Is that the reason this world class city has a third class infrastructure?

Modi Government's twitter secret's reveled!

Union Government's twitter scorecard: You cannot guess which of these 60+ years old ministers are social media hero's and which are zero's. Railways can teach a thing or two to many companies on using twitter for customer service. and we know their secret

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