Twitter insights for Prakash Javadekar

Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India. Tweets analysed from 2016-01-01 04:20:49 to 2016-12-30 10:51:08

This scorecard is a part of the UnionGovernment analytics. If you have not read the report yet, read it at UnionGovernment scorecard

Measure of interactiveness

Interaction consists of listening, talking and agreeing

We classify interactivity as

  • Broadcast(Mann ki Baat): Where the person uses twitter to express himself by broadcasting his thoughts. People looking towards building a brand typically indulge in this form of communication.
  • ShareCast(Unki Baat): Where the person uses twitter to retweet the views of others. This is also a popular mode of communication where a person shares the thoughts that he agrees with. Retweets are generally seen as an endorsement of the viewpoint of the person who is being retweeted. Retweets also indicate a shared ideology between the original tweeter and the retweeter, A person from the union cabinet is more likely to retweet people from his party and his supporters compared to retweeting a tweet by his opponents like Advani, Rahul or Kejriwal even if the particular tweet is in support of his position.
  • Aap Se Baat: Where the person use twitter to interact with the reader and respond to their needs. This is a difficult form of communication as it needs to be backed up by action on the ground. This form of communication is generally seen by service oriented organisations so in case of individuals it can be used as a measure of responsiveness to their audience.

PrakashJavdekar’s twitter interactivity scorecard

Comparative scorecard for peers in the group of UnionGovernment

Tweet Content Analysis

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Basic tweet Statistics

  • Median of 7 tweets per day.
  • 36.8372% of tweets are original tweets rest are retweets.
  • 2.1886% tweets of the original tweets are replies to other tweeters

Compared to peers

  • PrakashJavdekar is more Likely to tweet
  • PrakashJavdekar is less Likely to reply to you.
  • PrakashJavdekar is more Likely to retweet someone.

Wordcloud Analysis

Word cloud’s of tweets are an excellent method of identifying the topics which a person is interested in. Since each tweet is an independent statement. Certain keywords need to be used in the tweets to provide context to the tweet frequent use of a given keyword indicates the amount of time it has dominated conversations.

A wordcloud plots the word size in proportion to the frequency of their usage, the more frequently a given word is used compared to other words, the bigger is the size of that word. Looking at the wordcloud provides us with a first cut impression of the focus of that person’s twitter activity, what topics does he discuss, who does it discuss it with etc.

Wordcloud of tweets by Prakash Javadekar

Wordcloud of retweets by Prakash Javadekar

Wordcloud of people mentioned in tweets

Wordcloud of people Retweeted

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